Turkey Talk: Take Leftovers Beyond a Sandwich

Inspired Ideas for Day 2 Turkey

Curried Turkey with Raisins and Mushrooms

(Family Features) After spending hours roasting your turkey to perfection, it (and you) deserves more than a sandwich the day after. With a little creative pre-shopping and stocking of refrigerators and cupboards, you can take your day-two turkey from boring to amazing – and nutritious.
Enjoying delicious meals doesn’t have to mean blowing the bank on calories. Simple, fresh ingredients that are full of nutrition and flavor can take leftover turkey to a different level, says Marisa Paolillo, nutritionist with NuVal. Read more

How to Treat a Family Member with Dementia This Holiday Season

World-renowned Expert Shares 5 Helpful Tips

Whether it’s Mom, Dad, Grandma or Grandpa – or your spouse – the “holiday quarter” can present special challenges for families with a loved one suffering from dementia.

“We have an expectation that loved ones should never change from the person we’ve perceived them to be for years, but everyone changes significantly over an extended period, especially those diagnosed with dementia,” says Kerry Mills, a sought-after expert in best care practices for people with dementia, which includes Alzheimer’s. November is Alzheimer’s Awareness Month.

“Dementia encompasses a wide range of brain diseases, which means it’s not the fault of a Grandma if she has trouble remembering things or gets flustered. Empathy for what she’s experiencing on the level of the brain will help your relationship with her. Do not expect her to meet you halfway to your world; you have to enter her world.” Read more

Eight Coconut Milk Recipes To Go Crazy For This Thanksgiving

(Family Features) From pies to drinks, coconut milk – one of the hottest staples in cooking today – adds a delicate flavor and rich texture to every dish it meets. Made from the first-pressing of fresh, ripe coconut meat, Thai Kitchen Coconut Milk is the perfect go-to ingredient for this year’s big feast. And it’s naturally dairy- and gluten-free, which means everyone can enjoy it. Read more

When Quitting is the Exact Right Thing to Do

Most of us are raised under the belief that life is about never giving up, especially in the pursuit of a long-term goal. However, there is value in knowing when to consider if this pursuit is worthy of your continued time and effort based upon the progress made and effort put in. It is a fact that our greatest leaders always knew when it was time to step down.

5 tell-tale signs it is time to step away:
1. Misleading Reinforcers: The one thing which keeps children directed towards their goals is when we give them some occasional positive feedback, even when the overall trend is clearly negative. These occasional positive rewards can be misleading in that they keep them hanging on, stuck in a pattern which never progresses past the reality of what they are losing. Read more

This Holiday, Create a Colorful Feast

Raw Vegetable and Grape Salad
Peanut Butter and Grape Trifle
Cornbread Dressing with Roasted Grapes, Walnuts and Pancetta

(Family Features) As you prepare for this season of celebrations, consider recipes that offer a fresh approach to the traditional holiday menu.

With its sweet simplicity and vibrant color, a garnish featuring California grapes can make your meal presentation even more enticing. Keep those mealtime traditions intact by serving favorites like Brussels sprouts, but pair them with sweet California grapes in a salad for the perfect balance of flavor and crunchy texture.

A beloved side dish, such as cornbread dressing, will exceed all expectations with ingredients like red and green grapes, butternut squash, walnuts and pancetta. Complete the meal with a new twist on a trifle that results in a rich dessert worthy of any gathering for the holidays and beyond. Read more

Make Your Holidays Sweeter

Chocolate Cherry Thumbprints
Fruity Custom Crisp

(Family Features) From neighborhood parties to cookie exchanges with your closest pals, the holidays are all about sharing the sweetness of the season.

New recipes for a happy holiday

This year, resist the urge to dust off those same old recipe cards and spread some holiday cheer with creative, new recipes that feature the fruity goodness of Lucky Leaf Pie Fillings. With three classic offerings of cherry, apple and blueberry, you’re sure to find the perfect flavor for all of your seasonal baking needs. Read more