Granddad’s 8 Tips on Teaching Values

We should always remember that our children are way more observant than we realize and they are watching us all the time. With or without thinking about it, we are shaping their values and their view of the world every minute of every day, starting on the day they are born.

The first important lesson is to teach them they are loved. They need to know they can cry on your shoulder or ask for your help with no fear of rejection. They need to know you will always act in their interest. Knowing one is loved gives the confidence to climb any mountain.

Right behind love is truth. At the time of their first lie, which is usually very young, teach them that if you cannot always believe them, then you can never believe them. Teach them also that a promise is a solemn bond. If you cannot always trust them, then when can you trust them? Always hold them to their promises and always keep yours. This lays the foundation for a lifetime of integrity. Read more

Top of the Class

Tech and fashion must-haves for kids K-12

(Family Features) For many parents, the back to school season means running from store to store in search of everything the kids need for a successful academic year. Use this special guide, which includes everything from on-trend footwear to portable chargers that power devices, to outfit your star pupils in style.

Whether your child is in kindergarten or finishing up their high school career, these tech and fashion forward products will be a hit in the classroom and beyond.

Stylish finds for the school year

Fashionable feet
Get kids off on the right foot this school year with athletic footwear, apparel and accessories including backpacks from Kids Foot Locker, which carries the largest selection for children with brands like Nike, Jordan, Adidas, Converse, New Balance, New Era and more. Visit your area Kids Foot Locker store and to explore the hottest items for back-to-school, including the new Nike Lebron Zoom Soldier VIII, a versatile sneaker for any active child that is available in black and an array of colors.

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How untrue is this statement: “sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me”? We can all remember hurtful things others said or did to us as children. With all the technology available to our youth culture, name calling has gone to a much more destructive level and is totally out of control. This name calling or put downs is called bullying and cyber bullying when using technology.

What ever happened to teaching our children the GOLDEN RULE: “Do unto others as you WANT others to do unto you?” It is time to get back to that philosophy. In order to do that your child needs to understand and empathized when someone is feeling the pain of being bullying. Read more


Parents and kids across the nation are getting back-to-school ready. While the transition from summer months means buying text books and arranging after school care, there is an important element that is often a forgotten part of the annual re-commitment to your child’s education; their mental health.

According to the American Psychological Association, 27% of students say they experience “extreme stress” during the school year. Nearly half (45%) say they are stressed by school pressures. The study, Stress in America™, not only shows that teens report high stress levels during the school year, but that teen stress tops that of adults. Read more

Sensible Snacking Solutions for Kids

(Family Features) A day in the classroom, playing out on the field after school, and completing homework at night requires the right foods to fuel such activities. But unhealthy choices lurk around every corner, making the task of getting kids to eat a balanced and healthful diet a daunting one.

“Junk food is winning the war on grabbing the attention of Americans, particularly our kids,” said Jeff Dunn, president and CEO of Bolthouse Farms. “Our hope is to drive a lasting love of better-for-you foods that kids want to eat and moms can feel good about.”

Snack time tips

Here are some tips to help you keep your kitchen stocked with the best foods for fueling little learners.

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Over 55 million children across the United States are heading back to school. With 13 percent of those school children typically walking or biking to school, AAA warns drivers to be especially vigilant for pedestrians and bicyclists during, before, and after school hours. The afternoon hours are particularly dangerous for walking children. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the highest percentage of fatalities among pedestrians under 15 occurred between 4 p.m. and 8 p.m. (42%).

Additionally, pedestrians made up 14% of fatalities related to traffic crashes in 2012. This percentage has risen every year for the past six years including a 6% increase over 2011. More than one-fifth (22%) of all children under age 15 killed in traffic crashes were pedestrians. Read more

5 Issues to Discuss with Tweens and Teens before They Go Back to School

Back-to-school time always comes with a mixture of emotions for kids. They’re excited to see friends again, but may have trepidation about fitting in with new social groups. As a result, they may experiment with new behaviors in order to be accepted or simply not “stick out.”

High school is a microcosm of our society. Within those walls are future gangbangers, drug dealers, murderers, teachers, doctors, lawyers, and engineers. The groups your children choose to associate with can have a significant impact on which path their future will take. Read more

Watch Out for Lice when Heading Back to School!

The start of the school year is supposed to be exciting, but as a parent, you know the threat of head lice is always present. You want to make sure you rid your child’s head of these pesky pests quickly and effectively, with as little mess as possible. Many think that the only way to do this is by forking over big bucks for professional removal, or slathering their kids’ heads with harmful chemicals and pesticide-laden products. Luckily for parents, there are many ways to take care of head lice that are safer, simpler and more affordable. Read more

Back to School Means Back to Good Nutrition Basics

As parents prepare for yet another “back to school” season, they will scurry to malls in search of new clothes for their ever-growing child along with a litany of school supplies too numerous to name. But, let’s not forget healthy school lunches and after-school snacks as we plan ahead for the upcoming school year.

Here are a few great ideas to assure a happy school day is also a healthy school day:

  • Lean meat, such as shaved ham or turkey, on whole grain bread or in a wheat wrap with some lettuce, low/fat free cheese, and a touch of low-fat/fat-free mayonnaise or mustard is sure to please…and nourish.
  • Even the quintessential children’s sandwich, PB&J, can be made in a healthy way these days. Many peanut butter brands now offer low-fat and low-sodium versions. That, coupled with an all-fruit, sugar-free jelly on whole grain bread makes this school cafeteria staple a guiltless pleasure.

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College Cool

Ways to prepare for your life on campus

(Family Features) For the entering college freshman, the days leading up to the start of the academic year can be filled with great anticipation and anxiety. But there are ways to begin this new journey on the right foot with a little preparation ahead of time.

Below are a few major aspects of college life, along with some ideas to help you succeed in each one.

Tips for Achieving Academic Success

Open your mind with these tips for achieving academic success during college:

Don’t stress about your major
While many students are pressured into choosing their field of study before enrollment or very early in their college career, most college graduates will admit it took some time to figure it all out. Unless you are 100 percent certain of your career path, go a safer route by signing up for courses in several subjects that interest you. This will allow you to sample different disciplines and develop passions you may not have been introduced to during your previous studies. Read more