Six Ways to Raise and Nurture a Young Entrepreneur

Children are natural-born entrepreneurs. When they’re toddlers, they make homemade mud pies and “sell” them to Mom or Dad. As they get older, they start to understand that adults will pay them small amounts of real money in exchange for goods or services, such as a cup of iced lemonade or walking their dog after school.

In 2013, Operation HOPE launched a pilot program in four cities–Atlanta, Denver, LA, and Oakland–to help schoolchildren in underprivileged communities learn the basics of financial literacy and entrepreneurship. In a competition, kids pitch their entrepreneurial ideas to a committee of business leaders, and the winners are given a $500 grant and help in launching their startup businesses.

As a result of this “Shark Tank for Kids,” Princess, a 6th grader from Oakland, created Sweet Tooth Bakery, which sells homemade cakes and cookies to local shops. Froylan, a senior at Montbello High School in Denver, got funding for Froy’s PCs, a computer repair business he runs out of his home. Read more

Is Your Family Protected?

(Family Features) Savings account? Check. Retirement account? Check. Debt managed responsibly? Check. Life insurance? Wait a minute …

Protecting your financial security is about more than having money in the bank now and in the near future. It’s also about long-term financial protection for your family. However, a significant share of Americans, especially women, are putting their financial security at risk.

It’s estimated that one in three U.S. households have no life insurance at all, and for those that do, on average they only own enough to replace their household income for three and a half years, according to 2013 “Facts About Life Insurance” from LIMRA, a leading life insurance research organization. What happens to your loved ones after that? Read more

Safe Halloween Fun with Pets

(Family Features) Including pets in your family’s Halloween festivities can be a fun addition to your celebration. However, with all the excitement comes the chance for pets to get into danger or trouble. You can head off potential problems and enjoy an evening of fun with some safety tips and smart planning.

Keeping your pet away from candy and other Halloween treats is especially important because so many favorites include chocolate, which is potentially toxic for dogs. It’s also an ideal time to practice obedience commands with your four-legged friends, as crowds of unfamiliar people, costumes and lots of open doors can create temptations too hard to resist.

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Tips for a Healthier Home

Follow the Four C’s from Trusted HGTV Contractor Mike Holmes

(Family Features) Every household has its honey-do list, but inevitably you’re not always going to have time to cross off every project on the list. Rather than setting lofty goals that make it easy to procrastinate, the key to a productive and effective list is to be realistic. Start with the projects that will have an immediate effect on creating and maintaining a safer and healthier home.

“Keep your ‘honey-do’ list manageable. Move long-term projects to the end and bump up the jobs that will help make your home healthier,” said Mike Holmes, renowned and trusted contractor on HGTV and healthy home expert. “When you know you’re making a positive impact on your family’s health and safety, doing those jobs is easy.”

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Brew Up a Frightfully Fun Halloween Party

For ghoulish guests of all ages

Masquerade Cookies
Pumpkin Spice Popcorn
Caramel Apple Popcorn
Pumpkin Pound Cake
Witch’s Brew Mocktail
Candy Corn Drinks

(Family Features) Haunted with the thought of a ho-hum Halloween? Never fear – trick-or-treaters will want more than just candy once they see your party table. Throw a fabulous Halloween party fit for little goblins or grown-up monsters with some devilishly good sweets.

Try these easy party ideas from Wilton to make your Halloween spook-tacular:

  • Add some “pop” to popcorn: Trick out ordinary popcorn into a sweet-and-salty party pleaser. Drizzle on Candy Melts® candy for festive flavors, and then capture the Halloween spirit by adding fun sprinkle mixes.
  • Masquerade cookies: Who says you can’t play with your food? Create edible masks with decorated shaped cookies and attach them to cookie sticks with melted Candy Melts candy. Set up a photo station at your party, so guests can take pictures with their cookie mask creations before eating them.
  • Jack-o’-lantern cakes: It wouldn’t be Halloween without carved pumpkins. Make yours edible by baking a delicious pumpkin spice pound cake shaped like a pumpkin. Increase the fun by adding silly icing facial features.
  • Midnight potions: Spice up the night with candy corn drinks served in containers guests can devour, making cleanup easy and delicious. Or, toast the night with the Witch’s Brew Mocktail.

For more Halloween ideas and inspiration, visit

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Don’t Stick Stuff Up Your Nose!

How to Keep Your Child From Putting Things Where They Don’t Belong and What to Do If It Happens

Picture this: During dinner on a quiet Wednesday night, your two-year-old, Sarah, begins complaining that her nose hurts as she starts to cry. You lean over to take a look, hoping that she’s not coming down with a cold. And then you see it. Your blood runs cold as you realize that while Sarah watched her older sister make beaded bracelets that afternoon, she must have shoved at least one bead up her nose. Chaos ensues.

You frantically search for tweezers while your spouse throws pepper in Sarah’s face, trying to make her sneeze. You beg Sarah to sit still as you try to pull the bead out, but you end up only pushing it farther into her nasal passage. Finally, you throw everyone in the car and race to the ER, where you watch in amazement as the doctor pulls not one, not two, but three pink beads out of your daughter’s nostril.

If this scenario sounds familiar, you’re not alone, promises Dr. Jerald Altman. He is frequently the doctor in this story, and he says that just as often, youngsters stuff unexpected objects into their ears, too. Read more

Easy Ways to Save This Halloween

(Family Features) As many families with small children know, Halloween is a highly anticipated holiday packed with clever costumes, yummy candies and spirited parties.

But for many parents, the costs associated with this much-loved occasion can be downright frightful. In fact, according to the National Retail Federation, Americans will spend an average of $72 on Halloween this year, which comes to $7 billion in spending nationwide. With so many ghoulish get-togethers taking place, many parents are looking for ways to stretch their dollars without missing out on any of the fun.

Scare up some savings

The money saving experts at Kmart, the one-stop shop for Halloween family needs, offer these tips to help you enjoy “More Thrills” this season.

Choose costumes with options. Going to several Halloween parties, but don’t want to spend money on extra costumes? Check out the new line of costumes from Totally Ghoul that offer 3-in-1 styles for girls. Available at Kmart, your child can go from a ballerina to a fairy to a princess for the price of one costume. Kmart also offers more than 5,000 costumes for adults, kids and pets including looks from your favorite movies such as Frozen, Spiderman and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Don’t forget about the hats, gloves, masks, make-up and other Halloween accessories you’ll need to complete the look. Read more